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The Benefits of Using Mobile Medical Apps

HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is designed to make medical information standard across multiple providers and channels. HIPAA mobile medical apps, for example, are a helpful way to accomplish this because they allow medical professionals to safely transmit sensitive medical information. This advancement is often referred to as “Health 2.0” because …

What Does Facebook’s Purchase of Fitness App Moves Mean For Marketers?

Facebook recently took over another small business. Just weeks ago, Facebook purchased Finnish company ProtoGeo Oy. The modestly-sized company is responsible for developing fitness-tracking mobile application Moves. The application automatically records distances walked, jogged, or cycled in any given day. Why did Facebook purchase ProtoGeo Oy? What can internet marketers learn from the acquisition? Facebook …

Three Ways to Organize Your Business and Reap the Benefits


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