Four of the Most Daring Brand Development Strategies

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Many a creative advertising agency has launched a brand development strategy that struck resonant chords in consumers and consequently became part of the pop culture fabric. People still nostalgically say “Where’s the beef?” or “Hey kid, catch!”

In order for a brand development strategy to stick, a top creative agency has to take risks. Here are a few good examples of brand development strategies that dared to do more.


Kohler is a bathroom appliance manufacturer. The key to their brand development strategy is that they make their products look like works of art. The reason that the company is so successful is because they’re actually able to convince audiences that their faucets really are works of art.


In a world where most airlines treat their passengers like they’re just cargo, Virgin airlines separates itself from the pack by launching a brand development strategy that shows how the company treats its passengers like they were rock stars.

Hyundai Assurance.

Everybody loved Hyundai Assurance when it first came out. The press ate it up. Customers embraced it. And — perhaps best of all — other companies started imitating it. Though increased competition would be a bad thing logically, it’s really a good thing in the fact that it shows how Hyundai Assurance became so successful that other companies needed to build their own program in order to remain competitive.


Most men’s deodorant and body spray commercials were jam packed full of cliches and tired tropes. Axe, on the other hand, launched an ad campaign that humorously suggested using their products could help consumers be more lucky with the ladies. As a result, its brand developed an almost cult-like following.

These are a just a few examples of how a brand development strategy can do something more. The key to making a big impact on customers — to really develop a reputation — is to take a risk. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Get more here.

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