Buying A Senior Cell Phone Is Your Loved One Addicted To Facebook?

Best cellphones for seniors

How are cell phones for seniors different? The answer to that question is largely circumstantial, and — before buying a one-size-fits-all-seniors model — you may want to think twice about the aging loved one in your life. What are the best tips for buying cell phones for seniors and choosing models that will fit all personality types?

Seniors Can Be Tech Savvy, Too

It’s true; a large portion of seniors prefer using land lines and, if they must use a cell phone, they will be more than content with a simple cell phone for seniors. A growing number of seniors are taking up some surprising hobbies, like keeping up with old friends or viewing pictures of grandchildren on Facebook. There are other considerations to think about as well. “If its a phone you’ll keep in the car only for emergencies, you’d want to have a car-charger and a keypad that’s big enough to see in the dark. If it’s a phone that’s going to be used by someone with a hearing aid, it should probably be hearing-aid compatible. If you’re going to text-message, you’ll want an intuitive and easily readable keyboard,” CBS explains.

There Are Even More Ways For Seniors To Save Money

Many Americans do not realize that being over 64 can qualify them for some pretty amazing deals — and sometimes even drastic cuts on their cell phone bills. Talk to providers about senior cell plans. Keep in mind that, as with all cell phone plans, you should always account for some extra fees, such as activation fees and taxes.

Don’t pay too much for cell phones for seniors. Get a realistic idea about what exactly it will be used for — and plan accordingly. Know whether you are likely to need big button cellphones or something more high-tech for a senior who likes to go online. More:

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