Security Flaws are a Concern for Many Companies

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According to a new report published by security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski, Apple’s highly hyped security might not be as amazing as they say.

Apple Knowingly Maintains Vulnerabilities in Software

Zdziarski says that, counter to what Apple has been claiming, its security and privacy configurations actually allow it to share user data with law enforcement agencies without needing to inform users. Additionally, the Apple iOS software allows spying agencies, both corporate and governmental, to use data vulnerabilities to grab phone data, or even install malicious applications.

He also maintains that the security flaws are not accidental in nature. “Apple has been maintaining and enhancing this code, even with iOS 7; they know it’s there,” wrote Zdziarski in his paper.

Security Flaws a Concern for Companies Both Large and Small

Security flaws are a constant concern for companies that deal with corporate data and information technology. Though it’s easy enough to avoid keeping sensitive company data in an iPhone, there are many additional security threats that are harder to evade. For this reason, many small businesses turn to outsourced business IT support.

Outsourced IT support services ultimately make a lot of sense for small businesses because they help to provide a full service security experience for data that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. This can range from email protection, to colocation of data.

Companies Not Outsourcing Small Business IT Solutions Worry About Data Loss

When small businesses keep IT support in-house and only have a small handful of staff attending to it, a common question asked is, “What happens if I lose my company’s data?” This happens because it can be difficult for a very small team to effectively manage, and keep safe, data in local hardware. Not surprisingly, losing valuable data about customers and financials can cost a company dearly both in information as well as reputation.

What small business IT solutions does your company use? Let us know in the comments. This is a great source for more.

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