What Are Typical Custom Web Design Prices?

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The worldwide web has rapidly transformed into one of the most important marketing mediums for businesses across the world. At last check, according to eMarketer, web users were on track to spend $1.5 trillion on online goods and services in 2014 alone. From content marketing to social media, internet marketing strategies have evolved to help businesses take advantage of this burgeoning digital economy. Web design, the oldest trick in the book, remains the most important marketing tool in any company’s belt.

Unfortunately, not every company has what it takes to design a webpage that will actually increase their web presence and grow their revenue. That’s why so many businesses turn to custom design services. Custom web designers can build a unique page that will make web surfers pause in their relentless search for something new online. Even so, many businesses are afraid to work with custom web designers because they fear the cost of a website built from scratch. In reality, however, custom web page prices are far more reasonable than most think.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for Custom Web Page Design?
As About.com writes, custom web design prices vary completely based on what it is your company needs. If you need a site built from scratch, you’re typically looking at a starting price of $500, whereas a redesign comes in around $200. Additional multimedia, custom graphic work, organic SEO services: all of these things add to your costs, but they also increase the marketing efficacy of your page. All of this to say that while custom web design prices can’t be considered cheap, they can really be tweaked to meet your budget.

Is It Really Worth It to Pay Custom Web Design Prices?
Many people see custom web design prices and think, “we can do that ourselves, without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.” Here’s the thing: most business owners are just fooling themselves. Even after a page is built, regular maintenance, content production, and updates are required, and most businesses lack the time and know-how to do those things properly. Still not sold? Here are a few reasons custom web design prices are worth every penny:

  • Web design, as Forbes writes, is the lens through which your customers see everything you do online. Regardless of the quality of your eCommerce storefront or the engaging nature of your content, your web design can make or break your business viability online. Professional designers make sure it’s the former.
  • 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine, according to Search Engine Journal. Quality web design firms know what it takes to work search engine optimization techniques into your page, increasing your online visibility.

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