Don’t Think You Need to Monitor Your Children’s Internet Activity? Think Again

How to monitor internet activity

Are you concerned about what your children might be doing online? Do you want to monitor children internet activity in your home? If you said no, you should be concerned about your children’s internet activity, and there are ways to protect your kids online. It’s no surprise, unfortunately, that there are plenty of online predators and inappropriate content that your kids could encounter, so here are some internet safety tips for parents to protect their children online and monitor children internet activity:

    1. Pay attention to the sites your kids visit. Young children, especially, should not be left unsupervised on the internet. Even if they are playing a game on one website, all it can take sometimes is an accidental click of a banner ad on the side to bring them somewhere they shouldn’t be.
    2. If your kids are using social media, you should be, too! Young children may want a Facebook account, so they can fit in with their friends. In order to stay up-to-date on whom they’re “friending” and how they’re chatting, be sure to get on there as well to add them. You can pay attention your all of this information on your own.
    3. Don’t have time to keep track of your child’s social media accounts? Try social media monitoring services and other software that lets you track your child’s online activity. This software can let you know all about what your kids are doing online. Because there are so many people in the world who can prey on children online, you can monitor children internet activity in your family to make sure that your kids stay safe. This type of monitoring software can alert you to the important stuff, too, so you don’t have to look through everything.
    4. In addition to monitoring kids, you can also protect them from hazards online, too. From malicious attack websites with tracking information to sites that contain adult content, you’ll want to protect your kids from these issues. You can use software to apply internet protection on the computer to keep your kids from viewing forbidden or age-inappropriate content. Also, some sites can contain harmful spyware and malware made for tracking kids’ moves online or infecting computers with annoying programs, so if you’re protecting the family computer, you should protect your children as well. Identity theft can affect everyone in the family.

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