Three Reasons You Should Turn a Traffic Jam Into a Marketing Opportunity

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Where one business might see its company vehicle stuck in a traffic jam, another might see an excellent opportunity for marketing. The difference between their visions is that one one company is taking advantages of customized car decals, which can transform company vehicles into mobile billboards.

Though some don’t believe that a good, branded decal for cars is an effective marketing tool, studies and statistics say otherwise. Here are a few things you need to know about branded vehicle magnets and customized car decals.

They Have a Huge Reach.

Think about how much traffic there is every day. Virtually all Americans (98%) travel in a vehicle at least once every week. Of that staggering amount, about 91% notice advertising on vehicles, like branded car door magnets and customized car decals. About 35% of those people pay close attention to these adverts. This all means that customized car decals expose about nine out of 10 of the other vehicles on the road to your brand, and about one in three of the vehicles are truly going to pay attention.

They Create a Good Impression.

Think about it. If your company can not only afford to have its own vehicle, but afford to add customized car decals on there, chances are it’s doing pretty well. The same study mentioned before found this to be the case with most people. About 56% — more than half — said that they perceive a company to be doing well when they see its vehicular advertising.

They Work.

The biggest reason why most companies use customized car decals to advertise their business is because they work. About 29% of people would actually a purchasing decision based solely off of vehicular advertising.

Every time your company vehicle hits the road without any form of branding on it, your business loses out on vital marketing opportunities. You lose exposing your brand to new audiences, and convincing and converting new customers, which is why you’d be wise to speak with a business printing service today about branding your vehicles.

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