Three Ways Cloud Hosting Helps Companies Save Money

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Cloud hosting services have made businesses across a multitude of different industries more productive. According to Forbes, 55% of companies who started using cloud hosting servers became more efficient; cloud hosted servers were able to help 52% of adopters innovate products and services more rapidly; and cloud hosted servers were able to help 24% of adopters offer brand new services and products.

As amazing as that is, it’s not the whole reason why so many companies are now using cloud servers. It’s actually because cloud hosting can save companies a ton of money. Don’t believe it? Consider the following.

IT Consulting Firm Found Using Cloud Hosting Directly Saves Money.

According to a recent study from IT consulting firm NSK Inc., cloud hosting was able to save 82% of companies money. Though cloud hosting sometimes costs as much as other hosting solutions, it’s more affordable in the long run because it’s a better service. It’s easier to use, more efficient, and doesn’t go down nearly as easily.

It Cuts Down the Burden Put on IT Departments.

More specifically, cloud servers take a lot of the burden off of companies’ IT departments. According to the previous mentioned Forbes study, 25% of companies were able to save on IT costs after switching to the cloud. Some companies are even able to downsize their IT departments. According to the NSK Inc. study, 14% of companies were able to scale their IT departments back after adopting the cloud.

It Uses Less Power, Trimming Companies’ Electric Bills.

Because companies no longer need their own data centers, which suck up a lot of power, businesses are able to save on energy costs after adopting the cloud. In Somerset County, Maine, the cloud was able to cut the county’s operating budget by 40% thanks to the reduced cost of powering and cooling a data center. In Minnesota, the Southeastern Libraries Cooperating/Southeast Library System was able to save $21,000 almost immediately after adopting the cloud for similar reasons.

For many companies, the budget is the bottom line when making any decision. Though the cloud is an amazing technological innovation, most companies won’t invest unless it can save them money, which, as these stats show, it most certainly can.

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