The Numbers Behind Effective Website Design

When you are starting a website, the website design is of the utmost importance. Sites that don’t look very professional are not considered reliable, and they get people to click the back button to leave. To decide on the type of design you want for your site, look at some of the best business website designs out there to get a few ideas. You may see a few traits that you want to add to your own site. Make a list of the many aspects you want in your design so you won’t forget what to include in it.

Often, the best consumer websites are the best because of their web design. If they are easy to use, people will come back. You can contract with one of the best design firm websites to create the website for you, or you can use some of the best free web design tools to try to do it yourself. People have found success with both of these options, so it really depends on the skills that you have and the budget that you have for starting your site. If you don’t have time to create an entire website, you aren’t alone. You simply need a firm to help.

With the huge growth of internet marketing and the focus on creating original, high-quality content, many small business owners have been left wondering how to advertise effectively online, and how to promote a product without sound fake or computer-generated. The obvious solution these days is to create a solid internet marketing campaign that focuses on bringing in customers and communicating with them on social media platforms, and also giving those consumers valuable content that they’ll want to share online too — ultimately leading to more web traffic, more loyal customers, and better sales.

But the foundation of an effective online marketing campaign often goes unnoticed — and that foundation is having an effective website design that allows all of these digital interactions to take place. So what exactly factors into an effective website design?

  • When a website has a poor design layout, it will take a while for pages to load; similarly, if a website isn’t optimized for access on mobile devices, it will take even longer to load and will be difficult to navigate. Being mobile-friendly is definitely a fundamental part of a good web page design, since about 40% of all mobile device users will simply leave a page if it takes more than three seconds to load.
  • When it comes to the actual page content, having a variety of content types will drive up web traffic and keyword rankings on search engine result lists. Data shows that articles with images get about 94% more views than articles without, and video posts create about 267% more linking opportunities than text-only posts.
  • And finally, even though word count is important (the average count for pages ranking in the Top 10 of any Google keyword search is about 2,000 words), quality is also important too. Marketing experts have already predicted that one of the biggest trends in internet marketing and advertising will be to create unique content that can be shared easily across social media platforms, and which encourages reader engagement and interaction.

Most importantly, businesses who see a good website design as an investment will find that their marketing strategies are incredibly effective, create more web traffic, and eventually lead to more sales. Great references here.

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