Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Digital Advertising Agency

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As consumers start to spend more of their time on the Internet, many businesses are starting to change their methods for reaching out to potential customers. Instead of focusing advertising and marketing efforts through paper channels or television commercials, many businesses have begun the transition to digital marketing. Online advertisements, SEO and social media campaigns are some of the most effective ways to target a specific audience, and digital advertising agencies can help businesses as they start to move their focus towards these techniques. Working with agency has a number of benefits, but not every agency is a perfect match for every business. Three things to consider when choosing an advertising agency in the digital age include:

  1. Agency Success – It is important for a company to do their research before they decide on an agency to work with, and a quick Internet search is a good place to start. One thing to look for right away is where certain agencies rank on the search pages. Online agencies that offer SEO services should have a decent ranking on search engines if they are going to help others improve their rankings. This isn’t to say that a company should automatically go with the first agency listed, or ignore a company on the second page, but it something to keep in mind. Another thing to take notice of is the agency’s website. If they offer custom website designers to revamp their clients’ websites, then their own website should be pretty good.
  2. Agency Size – Another thing to consider when choosing an advertising agency is the size of the company. Just because an agency is large and has some top notch clients doesn’t mean they can meet the needs of every business. In fact, large ad agencies could actually turn out to be bad news for smaller companies because they generally give more time and attention to their bigger, more profitable clients. Small ad agencies often have just as much experience and knowledge, and they can give each of their clients the time they deserve.
  3. Agency Services – While conducting agency research, companies should look at the various services that are offered by different agencies. Some digital marketing agencies have more of a web design and development focus, while others offer a variety of promotions marketing tools, such as SEO, PPC advertising, social media management and email marketing. Companies should think about what they really need and decide which type of agency would best meet their needs.

Choosing an advertising agency isn’t an easy process, but if a company takes their time and does their research, they are likely to get the most out of their new digital marketing experience. More on this topic.

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