Things to Know Before You Launch and SEO Marketing Campaign

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Did you know that an overwhelming majority (93%) of online experiences begin with a search engine? If you are thinking of launching a new marketing campaign for your business, it would certainly be in your best interest to take advantage of that stat! By implementing a marketing campaign that includes a great SEO strategy, you’ll be able to drive some of that online traffic using search engines to your company’s website. But, before you begin there are a few things you should know and some decisions you should make. Read on for some great SEO tips that will help you develop a great SEO marketing campaign.

1. Will You Outsource?

Of course you can do all of the work for your SEO campaign in-house, but if you decide to outsource SEO, you may find that it has some advantages. First of all, most marketers (92%) say that content creation is either “somewhat” or “very” effective in terms of SEO. Unless you have professional writers and/or content creators on staff, it may be difficult to create great content and to create it quickly. For this reason, many companies that have an SEO marketing campaign will leave content creation to the professionals and outsource SEO.

2. A Social Media Presence is Key

1 out of every 5 posts to social media contains a link to content. While content creation is a huge part of an SEO campaign, it is also important that that content can be found by users in other places aside from through the search engines. By posting content to social media, you can make your content go “viral” and get shared by multiple users and you can also give your followers substantive information, which is a great way to keep your followers.

3. Add Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best drivers of conversions out there today. Despite this fact, most (70%) of small business owners spend 3 hours or less on email marketing per week. If you are already considering implementing an SEO marketing campaign, why not consider enhancing it with email marketing? Email is another great way to share quality content that can influence your customers.

So, if you’re a company looking to implement some SEO ideas into your current marketing strategy, take the time to do your research and see whether or not you should outsource SEO. If you do decide to outsource, many SEO outsourcing companies and SEO reseller programs will often offer services that can help you with multiple aspects of your online marketing campaign.

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