How Cloud Computing Can Improve Your Business


computingWe live in a world that is becoming exceedingly run through computer technologies and internet outlets. As corporations become bigger and the amount of digital information being passed through online channels continues to increase, the need for more efficient storage and transfer will become a necessary factor in effective business operations. One recent technology that has attempted to overcome the efficiency of previous methods, is cloud computing.

Many companies have turned to cloud based systems in order to decrease spending and increase productivity. With public cloud spending from enterprises estimated to reach $127 billion by 2018, people must be seeing positive effects.

One large perk for businesses is the need for less employees. With the easy access of cloud computing, productivity can be increased and with less employees necessary to do so. This can cause the costs per unit for companies to drastically plummet over time.

Because the cloud operates on a completely digital platform, there’s no need to spend substantial amounts of money on hardware, such as bulky servers and hard drives, or for software programs and the licensing fees that follow. And with the lack of local hardware necessary to function, people worldwide can access the information and perform remote network operations, as long as they have an available internet connection.

Some companies may be worried that their information isn’t secure when not held on in-house storage devices, but most information technology professionals are protecting information with extended security controls. Just in 2015, the top technology spending increase came in the form of security technologies, jumping 46%.

The cloud is on a fast path to becoming the standard for storing and sending digital information. In the coming years, information technology executives plan to focus their efforts mostly on security (36%), followed by cloud computing (31%), and mobile devices for easier access (28%). The cloud will likely become a regular tool in business operations and will only continue to increase in efficiency.

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