Are You Using an Automated Answering Service to Improve Your Customer Communications?

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Customers are essential to your business, but if taking their calls keeps you from getting any work done, it can be frustrating. While you may not want to resort to a computer automated answering service every hour of the day, this type of service can help you make your job more efficient. Companies that prioritize their customer service, for instance, generate profits 60% higher than their competitors who do not.
Let’s take a small engine repair shop as an example. If you are up to your elbows in grease, it simply does not always make sense to stop what you are doing and answer the phone. If, however, you hire an answering provider that includes a live receptionist answering service, a real person who is familiar with your business can help prioritize each call that comes into your office. If a potential customer just needs a basic repair estimate, the receptionist can provide that information. If a potential customer needs something that only you can provide, a live receptionist can take a message and you can return the call. Returning a group of calls one after the other is more efficient than stopping what you are doing just to answer one call at a time.
Contracting with the right kind of automated answering service can help you provide a personalized touch to your customers in an otherwise digital world. Friendly, helpful live agents can answer your business phones when you or your employees are not available. An automated answering service can offer customized solutions that are better than “one-size-fits-all” plans. While an automated response can answer after hours calls, a customized plan can also offer you the flexibility to either answer calls yourself when you are not busy, but switch to live answering service at other times.
A medical telephone answering service is a perfect example of an efficient and personal way to handle customers calls any time when your office staff is not available. This live phone answering service can record important information and relay it to the medical personnel who are on call and available. Often a reassuring competent live telephone answering service can help patients decide if they need immediate attention, or just need to schedule an office hours visit.
The U.S. telecommunications industry employs 24,467 people and is part of a worldwide telecommunications industry that reached an estimated $2.1 trillion in revenue in the year 2012. Has you small or large business taken advantage of these customized services that can help you remain in constant contact with your important customer base?

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