Three Reasons Why Small Business Owners Are Choosing SEO Content

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Each year, thousands of small businesses establish websites and begin competing in the online market. It can seem intimidating ? how do you set yourself apart from the other competitors? The fact is that traditional marketing ? the big, obvious ads that scatter the Internet ? no longer work as they once did. Search engine optimization content ? that is, content which targets potential clients based on what they search for ? is rising in prominence, and for many is the new face of online marketing. There are plenty of reasons why many small business owners are choosing SEO services over traditional ads, as you?ll see below.

1. SEO Can Target Locals

Some of the most appealing parts of choosing SEO are local SEO tools. Firstly, there are SEO companies local to you ? the advantages of choosing an SEO company nearby should go without saying. An even greater advantage, however, is the fact that local SEO tools can target clients in the vicinity who are likely to choose your product or service. Local SEO tools enable SEO writers to create content that will appeal directly to your ?dream clients? in a sense. Part of this is due to the fact that an important step in the SEO content creation process is detailing your target audience. Typical paid ads don?t allow for this kind of specificity. It works, too: in a recent survey, 85% of retailers reported that search marketing like SEO was the most effective customer acquisition tactic.

2. SEO Costs Less — And You Get More

Search engine optimization pricing is often very reasonable from the beginning. However, its reasonability becomes even more apparent when you compare its success rates next to those of other online marketing strategies. While SEO leads have a 14.6% ?close? rate ? that is, success rate ? outbound leads like direct mailing or print ads have a close rate of only 1.7%. By bringing in better profits, SEO services more than return on the investment you put into them. In this respect, they will almost always be the cheaper option, despite the quality services you receive.

3. SEO Services Go Directly To The Source

The great thing about SEO services is that they target key words typed into a search engine. This goes directly to the source of your clients? needs and wants. It?s said that 44% of online shoppers start off with search engines; in fact, 54% of Americans now use search engines rather than phone books. The results you see could be sooner than you think, and benefit you even if you sell your products through a brick and mortar store. Of all local searches, 50% of mobile visitors will then make a visit to the stores they find online within one day.

SEO content is far more relevant than traditional ads; they cut to the clients you want rather than those that are simply casually searching. And with its low risk with a potential for great returns, why not try it?

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