Teleconference Technology in the Modern World of Business

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In the modern world of business communications, av software is making advances by leaps and bounds, turning the world of business on its ear when it comes to how we meet, how we correspond, and how we do business in general.

One of the ways in which this technology is changing the business world is by changing the way meetings can take place. Teleconferencing has been a method of meeting for some time now, where one or more parties are one one end of the line while another party is on the other. This, obviously, makes it much easier for team members who have to travel or bosses who can’t make or hold a meeting in person, to meet and discuss important topics that need attention.

According to Global Workplace Analytics, roughly half of the workforce in the United States has a job that makes telecommuting at least partially practical. Being able to work from home is an enormous advantage for many people in this day and age.

One of the advances in av software technology that is making this type of work even more of a regular reality is the advancement of video conferencing. Audio conferencing certainly has its merits, but video conferencing somehow makes the meeting a great deal more personal for everyone involved.

When it comes to video conferencing, 90% of employees feel that they are more closely connected with their colleagues when they can see them on the screen, whether it is a screen in front of them on a computer monitor or on a big screen where the entire room is watching. A teleconference can do a great deal, but a video conference can do even more.

This is really great news for the developers of av software because knowing how important a visual connection is to so many employees, they can continue to focus their efforts on bringing video conferencing improvements to the boardrooms around the globe. It is estimated that by the year 2020 50% of all conference rooms will be equipped to be video conference enabled.

All of these improvements in the world of conferencing will improve the quality of meetings all around the United States, but even more than that, they are already improving the ability to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world. This is already being done, but it is improving every day as av software developers work to strengthen connections between conference rooms in Los Angeles and meeting places in Thailand or elsewhere.

It wasn’t very long ago that audioconferencing and teleconferencing were not much more than realities only in Star Trek episodes. When Captain Kirk would tell Mr. Sulu to put on the main screen the person or alien being he wished to speak to, we all thought that was incredible technology that we would never see. It’s not only credible now, but it is also becoming more and more practical all the time.

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