Oh, How the Marketing Game Has Changed How We Search for New Business

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In the last 20 years, so many changes have come along in our world that have changed not only how consumers look for businesses but also how businesses themselves search for new customers. Businesses want to be the first ones to show up on the search results when a possible customer searches for what they have to offer.

Immediately after that caveman first invented the wheel, he immediately invented marketing. He realized that he needed to show his new invention to the other cave folk so that he could keep making more and selling them to the ones who needed them, and thus, the road to the Mad Men of the American advertising world was paved and ready to be traveled.

Advertising in the 1940s 50s and 60s revolutionized how companies would sell their products. The idea was to make a potential customer feel as though their life wouldn’t be complete without what it was that was being sold to them. Billboards, television commercials, print campaigns in magazines and more were the ways these things were being done. Now, the world has changed. Now, we have the World Wide Web.

Digital media is the way advertising is going these days. In the United States alone, $6.8 billion was spent on digital advertising in 2015, and that number was projected to grow rapidly. Digital media itself has expanded its reach in just the last four to five years. With the development of the smartphone, consumers are able to surf the web in ways that were not available before. When the Internet first began, it was only the computer that offered people the ability to search for things. Now, millions of people around the world are doing that same kind of searching and more from the palms of their hands. Any SEO company will tell you that any digital marketing must be smartphone ready as well as computer accessible.

When a person goes online, 93% of the time they begin that online experience with a search engine. Search engine optimization helps a company, or anyone placing something online, get found by the people who are looking for what they have got. With Google reporting that 100 million searches are being completed every month–and that was back in 2012–it makes sense for marketing firms everywhere to specialize in digital marketing.

When people sit down to their computers to search for something specific, they want to be able to find as much information as they can. And not only information but relevant information. What good does it do anyone to have basic, general information on a specialty store, say, if what they really need is how to purchase from that store. The searcher wants to know where they are located, whether or not they can buy online, and what the return policy is. The more information a consumer has from a digital site, the better it will be for the business.

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