Rack Basics Everything You Need to Know

In the current IT environment, a dynamic server rack happens to be one of the key components in your data center, network closet or server room. The evolution of technology has made it even more important to understand which dynamic server racks to install when designing data centers and server rooms. Similar to when someone is constructing a house, the physical details of the dynamic server rack are often given priority. However, the underlying infrastructures in the server rack are equally important and probably the components that make the difference between normal functioning and failure of your data center. So what to server racks do? Server racks are involved in the organization of IT equipment for example network switches and servers. This is with the aim of making effective use of the available space in the server room. Depending on how you intend to use a dynamic server racks, these racks can also be used to improve other functions such as data center cable management, hot aisle cold aisle containment, data center containment and airflow management. Choosing the right dynamic server rack is one of the challenges that many people including IT professionals face. This is because; different server rooms or data centers have unique needs in terms of rack needs. There are those rooms that will require the deployment of climate controlled server racks while others will require electronics packaging racks. Below is everything you need to know about a dynamic server rack.

What do Server Racks do and their Type
Basically, racks are supposed to organize IT equipment in the server room in order to make use of the additional space and have the server room running more effectively. A typical dynamic server rack has between two and four mountain rails made from either aluminum or steel and capable of supporting a lot of IT equipment. The rails have holes that enable the user to mount the rack using screws and place the rack at strategic places in the server room. There exist three major types of racks that are frame racks, wall mount racks and open frame racks. The open frame racks are similar to what the name suggests. They are open frames that do not have doors but are at the same time fitted with mountain rails. The most common applications of the open frame racks is that they are used in instances where there is no need to control air flow within the server rack or even offer physical security to the components stored inside. Rack enclosures that are also called rack cabinets on the other hand have both rear and front doors. However, these doors are removable. The last type is the wall mount racks that are typically attached to the walls with the aim of saving the floor space. The downside of wall mount racks is that they are relatively smaller compared to the other two types.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Server Rack
The height of the dynamic server rack is one of the most important things to look out for when buying a server rack. This is because the height is what determines the number of spaces that will be available to store your IT equipment. In most cases, the height of the server rack is actually an expression of the number of spaces that the rack has. The important thing to remember is that the height of the rack should not exceed the height of your door so as to ensure that it will fit. Another important thing you are supposed to take into consideration is the width of the server rack. However, this aspect is often overlooked since many racks tend to have a standardized width. The load rating is the other important factor whereby it determines the kind of weight that the rack can support. This is especially an important factor for wall mount racks. The next time you are in the market for a dynamic server rack, having some basic information regarding what to look for is what make the difference between choosing the right or wrong server rack.


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