How to Use Twitter as Part of Effective Internet Marketing Strategies

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Marketing is all about finding unique, effective internet marketing strategies to increase website revenue and improve access to the $1.5 trillion eMarketer estimates consumers will spend online this year. Tapping into this vibrant, growing market requires a multi-tiered approach. You need to focus on search engine optimization basics while implementing design, back-end development, and content marketing into your internet marketing strategy. Of course, you also have to consider social media.

Of all the things that could be said to be part of the best internet marketing strategies, social media is undoubtedly the most difficult to get a firm grasp on. After all, from your tweets to your Facebook posts, social media is a much more dynamic medium than anything else out there. Especially with Twitter, when the stream of content never slows, knowing how to harness the power of a social media platform that Statistic Brain says has over 600 million users seems impossible for many marketers. However, with this quick primer to effectively implementing Twitter into effective internet marketing strategies, that confusion can quickly disappear.

How to Implement Twitter in Effective Internet Marketing Strategies

    1. Do Twitter’s Users Match Your Target Audience?

As with any marketing campaign, you need to be sure that your target audience can be adequately reached using Twitter. Otherwise, you risk wasting a lot of time and money on a campaign that can never get you the attention you want. Twitter, according to Media Bistro, is especially popular among Americans ages 18 to 29. That’s not to say that you can’t reach older demographics via the service, just that it will be more difficult.

    1. Make Sure Your Tweets Sound Like You

For Social Media Examiner, the key to an effective marketing Twitter account is voice. Do your tweets sound like they’re coming from a unique person with a fun, unique way of speaking, or do they sound cookie-cutter? Only with the former do you stand a shot at growing your audience.

    1. Diversify Your Message

Just because the goal of your Twitter account is to generate some positive attention for your brand, that doesn’t mean you can use it simply as a marketing platform for your content and products. As Entrepreneur so sagely points out, you should be sharing some candid, genuine moments via your Twitter account, along with some interesting videos, articles, or other social media posts you find. Social media users don’t mind being marketed to, so long as it’s not constant.

    1. Hit the Hashtag Sweet Spot

Hashtags are one of the most important tools businesses should be using in their tweets to grow their visibility. The problem? Nobody understands how to hit that hashtag sweet spot. As The Huffington Post writes, you really shouldn’t be using more than three relevant hashtags per post. Further, you’ll want to make sure that you switch up the hashtags you’re using in your tweets. This will help you spread your brand to different groups more easily.
What other Twitter tips would you recommend to the marketers out there? Share your knowledge in the comments below! Find more on this topic here.

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