How to Find Your Lost TV Remote

how to find a lost tv remote

Awesome. You just got home from work, tired and stressed, but ready to unwind. Naturally, you plop down in your favorite recliner, reach for where the TV remote controls usually are, and grab air, because much to your chagrin, they’ve gone missing. With so many devices having their own remote control, be it the television, roku, DVD/Blu Ray player, stereo system, or whatever else, it is easy to misplace a remote. When your show starts in five minutes and you can’t get the TV turned on, you may wonder how to find a lost TV remote quickly. This has happened to everyone. Instead of getting more frustrated, follow these tips to find the TV remote controls easier.

Check the Usual Spots.

According to a survey by electronics manufacturer Logitech, 49% of people who lose their TV remote controls find them in the sofa, so consider scouring the furniture. Maybe it got wedged between the cushions. Maybe it fell behind it. Maybe someone even accidentally kicked the TV remote controls underneath it. If you are wondering how to find a lost TV remote, remember to focus your search on the most obvious areas.andnbsp;andnbsp;

Ask Who Might Have Used It Last.

Unless you live alone, then you might want to consider asking your family or roommates about it, since they might have been the last ones to use the remote controls for TV. Should they not know where they are, then they’ll probably help you look. At least they should help, since they’ll be the ones who have to pay for replacement television remote controls if the devices truly have vanished.andnbsp;

Expand the Search Parameters.

The same Logitech survey also found that eight percent of respondents found their TV remote controls in the bathroom, eight percent in a dresser, four percent in the refrigerator, and two percent even found their remotes outside or in their car! It seems weird that the remote would wind up in one of these places, but you’ll never find it if you don’t check. It’s easy to forget you have the remote on your when leaving the room. Remember the places you dash off to during the commercial break, there’s a good chance that’s where you will find your lost tv remote.

If you want to know how to find a lost TV remote the answer is to simply search everywhere! Did you absent mindedly leave it in the kitchen when you grabbed another drink? Did it not make it back to the living room after your commercial break bathroom run? Did someone else in the house just walk away with it? You know your patterns, keep calm and retrace your steps and you will surely find your lost tv remote.

Failing all of these methods, you may have to get a TV remote controls replacement, which isn’t that big of a deal. They’re readily available and usually very affordable.

If you have any questions about finding your TV remote controls, feel free to ask in the comments.andnbsp;

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