Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Custom Packaging and Storage Solutions for Any Purpose

Custom plastic packaging

Do you have to transport expensive and important items safely or store them in as secure a manner as possible? If so, there are many things you have to consider, depending on how items are stored or shipped. Quality containers and shipping cases are especially necessary when handling items such as computers, servers, and other technological equipment for commercial and military use.

No matter how you’re transporting or storing equipment, it’s important to know what your product needs and which custom packaging solutions will best suit it. Here are some easy transport and storage cases and their purposes.

1. Plane: If you’re transporting equipment by plane, there are many things to consider. Many who work in commercial airlines or in the military choose to use custom design packaging in order to keep materials safe while in flight. In most cases, aluminum is considered the best material to use for shipping containers because it can withstand harsh impacts and extreme temperatures. It also absorbs shocks better than other materials, like plastic. Oftentimes, servers will be cushioned using foam inserts, since this can also help to reduce damage during shipping.

2. Land: With plane transport also comes the trains and automobiles, although when it comes to shipping, there are more vehicle types to consider. Items in land vehicles may be transported over rough conditions, such a Humvee traveling in a war zone, or they could be in for a long journey on a bus or van. Just as with plane travel, custom packaging solutions for land travel also create cases meant for shock absorption and impacts, as well.

3. Storage: Whether your servers and other high tech equipment are meant to stay on board a plane or vehicle or they will be stored in a warehouse, they need protection from the various contaminants that can break down technology over time. Dust, dirt, and moisture can all corrode a computer’s hardware, and hot and cold temperature can also cause serious problems. Additionally, many vehicles that require servers and computers on board need make sure that that equipment is protected, can ventilate when it needs to, and won’t be subject to damage.

Having custom packaging solutions made for your products means that they will be designed to protect items to your exact specifications. If you are wondering what custom packaging can do for you, call a company specialized in shipping and rackmount cases. You can also leave a comment below if you have a question.

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