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Are you looking for tips for hiring an advertising agency? Or perhaps you’re currently weighing the benefits of hiring an advertising agency? Whether you’re looking for ad agencies for a special project or a marketing or creative agency for ongoing services, you may want to consider hiring ad agencies that can provide all of the services associated with each in one firm.

There are, of course, a variety of businesses that can benefit from hiring ad agencies to assist them with a variety of projects and campaigns.

Are you employed in one or more of the following departments?

    Marketing department
    Hospitality marketing
    Co-op marketing
    Consumer packaged goods

If so, do you hold one of the following positions?

    Business to consumer manager

        Chief executive officer
        Chief marketing officer
        Marketing director

      Since you are in a position to directly hire or delegate the hiring process to staff members for these and other ancillary services, have you focused on this recently? What services, for example, do you currently outsource? If you don’t outsource any services, do you have a dedicated staff member or team for these and other essential business services?

        Advertising and marketing
        Creative execution
        Digital and social marketing
        Media planning and buying
        Strategic branding
        Web development

      You may be interested in a recent poll conducted with digital marketers. When asked about their ongoing challenges, they indicated that the follower were at the top of their lists:

        “Meeting the expectations of the always-connected customer: 15%”
        “Executing consistent campaigns that drive desired business outcomes: 14%”
        The proliferation of channels across paid, owned, and earned media: 13%”

      You may be aware that in 2015, companies in the United States spent over $180 billion on advertising. When it comes to budgeting for advertising and marketing, the top two expenditures were for digital marketing and content creation and management.

      In 2014, for example, companies spent approximately 25% of their total budget on digital marketing. This figure is expected to increase to 75% by 2019. Content creation and management comprised the second largest percentage of digital marketing budgets.

      More companies are choosing to have dedicated social media teams. In 2012, for example, 67% of the companies interviewed had a dedicated team, and in 2015, this rose to 78%.

      Currently, it is expected that marketers will be spending almost $24 billion a year for online display advertising. When chief marketing officers were interviewed, 59% stated that they believe these types of ads are effective marketing channels.

      When you consider the impact Google and Twitter have on the national and world economy, you may be interested to know about their most impactful revenue streams. Google, which includes YouTube, receives a minimum of 95% of their total revenue through advertising. Mobile tablets and smart phones account for 65% of Twitter Ad revenue.
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