The Sky Is the Limit for the Ethernet Cable Market

Cat5e network cables

As more and more devices come with wireless components and as more and more WiFi hotspots are popping up all over the country and the world, it might seem that the world is moving in the direction where the technology for wired connections might be headed in the direction of the carrier pigeon or Dodo bird. It is easy to think that but some market research efforts seem to point to a different picture for ethernet cables. It is not that everyone is running out to get a 500 ft ethernet cable but some experts see the market for ethernet cables growing to reach $1 billion.

Allied Market Research analysts looked at the market for different kinds of cables and announced that they believe that companies will be spending more than $1 billion each year by the year 2022. This is according to reporting in The Register. This money will go for cables with copper and fiber that are used to transmit power and data.

The 14.3% growth of the ethernet cable market seems counterintuitive. More and more people access the internet from mobile and wireless devices. More than 50% of all internet searches are made from mobile devices. Mobile devices, such as tablets, are even encroaching on the realm of the personal computer. For a while the ethernet cables such as the cat5e ethernet cables were doomed for extinction but that is not what is happening.

Much of the growth is going to happen because if the growing need for data centers, the development of 500 ft ethernet cables that are able to transmit power and data and the growth of the number of connections for the Internet of things (IoT). Between the created of the data centers, the power application of the 50ft ethernet cables and the IoT, more and more cable is needed and that is causing the market to grow.

Not surprisingly, it looks like the epicenter of growth for the market for 500 ft ethernet cables is China. That nation’s tech sector has been exploding. Also the country is investing heavily in data centers. This is expected to be the driving force behind the demand for fiber optic cables, cat6 ethernet cable in bulk and 500 ft ethernet cables. Experts believe that at least 35% of the global cable market will end up finding itself in the Asia-Pacific market.

Another area where the market for cables is expected to grow is Europe. In this part of the world, as more and more appliances are connected by ethernet cables, more and more are needed. This is also an area where the growth in power over ethernet systems is driving the ethernet cable market growth.

While Allied Market Research sees many reasons for the growth of the ethernet cable market, with its total reaching the $1 billion mark, there are some problems on the horizon for the ethernet cable market. Running cables remains a more expensive endeavor than running wireless technology. In areas where it is possible and feasible to use wireless technology, that is the way companies will go.

A big part of the cost of manufacturing ethernet cable is due to the copper that is used in the cables. Fot its part, copper is undergoing an increase in its value, according to Forbes. The current increase in the value of the metal is thought to be driven by the thought that the United States is about to pass a large infrastructure bill and push that will also drive up the need for and the cost of copper. Even if that does not happen, the rise in the demand for ethernet cables around the world will have an impact on that market. Copper is a very valuable metal due to its ability to conduct electricity and the fact that it is so malleable. This is why it is used in the ethernet cables that are seeing such a resurgence in their popularity around the world.

In a world where most of the technology is moving in the direction of a wireless world, There are wireless devices to access the internet, wireless printers and wireless speakers, we are not ready to say goodbye to ethernet cables.


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