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There’s Only 1 Way To Back Up Google Apps Accounts

Google Suite has become a go-to work platform for online sharing and collaboration. As of 2012, G Suite made up 50% of the cloud-office market, increasing from 10% in just five years. With a user-friendly interface, it’s easy to navigate and access files. Auto-save has prevented a lot of late-night workers from losing their progress, …

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3Q U.S. Manufacturing Report Has Good News, Bad News, Old News

Many Americans are anxious about the future of American industry, especially as manufacturing jobs move overseas. While the times are certainly changing, manufacturing is still essential to American life and the economy at large. In 2013 Americans bought 7.78 million cars, which increased to 7.91 million last year. By 2018, the U.S. auto industry projects …

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Carnegie Mellon University’s Internet of Things Campus Gets Big Help

It’s no secret that cyberspace and the real world are merging. Over $1 trillion in retail sales were directly connected to e-commerce in 2012. What’s more, over than 50% of mobile device users say their smartphones and tablets, which are veritably small, powerful computers light years more advanced than the PC of 2000, are their …

Don’t Fall for These Common Myths About Commercial Printing

If you’re running a small or mid-sized business, one issue you’re sure to address at some point is how to handle some printed materials. But managers without experience in the printing industry often have misconceptions about printing, and make costly decisions that hurt their endeavors. Here are five myths about printing you shouldn’t fall for: …

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