3Q U.S. Manufacturing Report Has Good News, Bad News, Old News

industrial ct scanning inspect

industrial ct scanning inspect

Many Americans are anxious about the future of American industry, especially as manufacturing jobs move overseas. While the times are certainly changing, manufacturing is still essential to American life and the economy at large.

In 2013 Americans bought 7.78 million cars, which increased to 7.91 million last year. By 2018, the U.S. auto industry projects that American factories will produce 12.5 million light vehicles, many of which will be exported all over the world. Plus, the new budget deal just passed by Congress finally increases the spending caps on the U.S. military. Fully 73% of Americans agreed those spending cuts made the country less secure, and now military and defense spending has been restored.

Although many companies are moving some manufacturing jobs overseas, America’s factories still maintain a reputation for excellence. While automakers can find cheaper labor in Mexico and South America, there’s a reason they’re opening up new plants in Alabama, South Carolina, California, and beyond.

U.S. Manufacturing is Changing With the Times
In October 2015, the U.S. celebrated 68 straight months of job growth, bringing the unemployment rate down to just 5%. At the same time, the U.S. Labor Department reported that manufacturing drove a boost in productivity in the third quarter. Overall, productivity increased at an annual rate of 1.6%, while manufacturing productivity increased at the fastest pace in four years.

Of course, a strong dollar and low oil prices are causing challenges. Experts expect crude oil prices to stay low through 2017, and the decline has hit many manufacturers particularly hard this year. Even so, total industrial production increased by 0.9 points between August 2014 and August 2015, and new orders have been picking up recently.

Cut Inspection and Failure Analysis Costs With Industrial CT Scanning Inspection Services…
Reading the tea leaves, it’s absolutely essential that manufacturers limit costs and improve quality. And that’s where our industrial CT scanning inspection services come into play.

Using the most advanced cone beam computed tomography, industrial CT scanning inspection services can provide a highly detailed 3D model. And unlike most inspection services, this process provides both internal and external data. Not only that, but our 3D scanning services can provide scan resolution between 1 micron to 150 microns.

This technology can provide part to part comparison, failure analysis, reverse engineering, wall thickness analysis, and more crucial inspection services. Thanks to advances in industrial CT scanning inspection services, you can now cut your inspection costs while increasing the amount of data those inspections reveal.

In fact, the industrial CT scanning process can cut product inspection costs and failure analysis costs by 25-75%. To learn more about how the cone beam industrial scanning works, Click Here.

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