There’s Only 1 Way To Back Up Google Apps Accounts

google apps backup

google apps backup

Google Suite has become a go-to work platform for online sharing and collaboration. As of 2012, G Suite made up 50% of the cloud-office market, increasing from 10% in just five years.

With a user-friendly interface, it’s easy to navigate and access files. Auto-save has prevented a lot of late-night workers from losing their progress, and its online presence protects against the possibility of losing work in case of a computer crash.

But unfortunately, there are still a ton of ways to lose your Google Apps and G Suite data. Hackers, human error, a disgruntled employee, and other worst case scenarios, Google recovery can sometimes be impossible, severely impacting your company’s productivity and performance.

In the case of all of these situations, there’s only one way to effectively perform a Google Apps backup. By using a cloud-based backup service like Spinbackup, you can securely store a 100% accurate history of company data.

Sound too good to be true? Believe us, it works.

…But how?

  1. Google auto backup: Users can choose a convenient time for our Google apps backup service to kick in and upload your data to the cloud.
  2. Encryption: Encryption techniques are used to protect all of your data. Multiple verification processes allow us to keep your sensitive information safe and security. We’re able to both transfer and store your information with ease.
  3. Google data recovery: Cleaning out your folders can sometimes get a little out of hand. It’s entirely possible for files to be deleted on accident. In fact, it happens all the time. Using our Lost and Found feature, you’re able to recover any deleted files with ease.
  4. Access your data whenever, wherever: If you’re using a new device, you can still access all of your G Suite data. As long as you have the necessary account login information, you don’t have to be bound to a specific device.
  5. Version recovery: Have you ever opened a file only to find that it’s totally different than the way you left it? If you have multiple collaborators, or in the case of a technology failure, sometimes unwanted adjustments may be made. But in the case of a data disaster, our software allows you to perform an accurate recovery to restore all of your files, folders, versions, etc.

When it comes to your Google apps backup, Spinbackup is the company to trust to ensure 100% recovery.

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