Looking at Different Levels of IT Support

Whether you are an administrator, HR, or looking for IT support jobs, it’s important to know how the different levels of IT interact. IT support varies depending on your company and is not set in stone. These levels and positions can change based on the type of company and the size of the company.

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Level one IT specialists have just started off. Whether they are just coming out of college or are new to the company, these professionals manage the help desk or service desk. These individuals can provide basic levels of support from users and coworkers.

Level two is more advanced. These can be engineers who have often built up their skills from the first level to improve their position within the company. They deal more with the customer and go out on the floor. Installing software, troubleshooting, installing hardware, and remote management are all tasks this level does.

Finally, level three IT support is an escalation of the previous levels. The skillset or specialization goes far beyond the first and second levels. The engineers on this level are administrators focused on servers and systems. Dealing with domains, building services, troubleshooting, and other services that are more detailed. This is the highest level that those working in IT can achieve.


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