Why Your Internet Marketing Depends on Responsive Web Design

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Just how important is responsive web design?

Well, if you’re running a digital marketing campaign — especially for search engine optimization — you might just be surprised by how important responsive web design really is. Sure, it’s a lot of work initially and it’s a pretty big investment in your mobile web design, but it’s something that Google is paying more attention to with its newest algorithm updates, so it’s something that you should be paying attention to as well!

Here are just a few specific ways that responsive web design can impact your digital marketing strategy and produce positive results:

  1. Responsive web pages are ones that will automatically adjust to fit all mobile device screens, no matter what size the screens are. This ensures that whether a website visitor is using their smartphone or tablet, they’ll have a good experience on your website. When user experience is high, visitors are more likely to come back.

  2. Even if you have a mobile web design, you could be ignoring responsive web design without realizing it. This can become a problem if you’re trying to work on content marketing for mobile devices, in which case you’d be focusing on creating content with a lot of links and trying to get internet users to click on those links and share them. Without a responsive webpage, these internet users will likely be directed to the desktop website instead of the mobile website; this makes for a messy page that no one likes to look at.

  3. After Google began focusing on mobile web design details in its algorithm updates, it became essential for businesses to pay attention to the smallest factors on their mobile websites. These factors end up contributing to page rankings, so if you’re going to make a mobile site, you want to be sure that you’re doing a thorough job. Because responsive websites automatically adjust to fit the device, this ensures that everything — written content, graphics, and even videos — are optimized for the screen and therefore can load quickly. Internet users are only willing to wait around for about three seconds, on average, when a page is loading; if it takes any longer, they’ll usually just leave.

Has a responsive web design helped your own business manage online marketing? Be sure to let us know!

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