Why market your brand and not your products?

How to brand your business

Branding and development for a company can be one of the hardest things for it to do. Almost anyone in business would like advice on how to branding a business and making it successful. Most won’t worry about it. They will just call an advertising agency. These agencies will give you the best package design and most well-crafted inbound marketing solutions that their large team can come up with. Coca Cola is said to be one of the most successful brands in the world because of the wonderful images and spectacular marketing campaigns they put out.
Coca Cola is such a big company that they are always producing content, whether it’s for a billboard, or for their social media accounts. Once of the biggest reasons people follow brands on social media websites is due to this interesting content. In fact, 61% of consumers said that they will buy a product more often if the brand offers custom content and custom products that they can’t get anywhere else. These brands are not selling their products. They are selling a lifestyle that is displayed quit well in ads and social media content.

Now that everyone and their mother are addicted to their cell phones, brands have an endless supply of ad placements that they can take advantage of when advertising. Newspaper advertising is dead. Online adverting is just getting started, especially on the mobile devices. Faster internet speeds also allow more advertising impressions per person. As of April 2013, the average wait of internet page to load was 2.078 seconds. That is too much time to waste. Not only does this mean wasted ad impressions, this means that there can be limited inbound marketing opportunities across all web marketing efforts, leading to lower sales and lower revenue. But, this problem can be curved with the execution of inbound marketing solutions like an adwords campaign.

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