Why Internet Portals and Social Media Sites May Compromise Your System

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In today’s world, security concerns are at an all-time high. Businesses that use the web are constantly under attack by cyber criminals and terrorists looking to steal your company’s money. New scams and viruses are constantly being developed, making the question of security and IT support that much more relevant. Hackers frequently target internet portals and other popular sites to infect more unprotected users faster. These are the reasons why internet security ought to be your top priority.

Internet Security
Back in January of 2012, FBI Director Mueller stated that “down the road, the cyber threat will be the number one threat to the country,” later saying that cyber threats will even surpass the threats brought by terrorism. Criminals strike more frequently that one might think: nearly half of cyber security experts believe that their agency will be targeted within the next 12 months; 67% of cyber security professionals also do not believe that their agency is ready to stop attacks. While virus protection can help, it is sometimes not enough to fend off attacks that stem from internet portals and other popular sites. On Facebook alone there are nearly 600,000 compromised profiles every day; make sure you and your business is protected with secure information technology services.

Mobile Networking
Although nearly 61% of online users participate in online banking from a mobile device, phones and other mobile devices are not always the most secure. There have been 145,000 new malware programs developed exclusively for mobile devices in 2013 alone. Email is another easy way that hackers can infect your computer with a virus, as email is not designed with security in mind, making them easy to intercept and decode.

Protecting Corporate Assets
Hiring corporate computer services makes your business a much safer place on the net. Company documents and files can easily be shared using cloud services managed through your third party networking company. Since up to 59% of employees steal property or data after they are fired, network security monitors all data access and restricts unauthorized users from getting ahold of confidential documents. Stay ahead of the curve, make sure your IT provider is ready for an attack whenever it might occur.

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