Why Businesses Should Invest in SEO Services

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The marketing world is largely a matter of investments. Every advertisement or client reached is an investment of time, money, and other resources in the hopes that one may be able to attract a consumer. Properly investing those marketing dollars can help maximize gains; here are several reasons why digital marketing services are the future of advertising.

Investing in the Search Engine

The search engine is the first destination for a majority of internet experiences, so learning how to use the search engine to its potential is the heart and soul of search engine optimization marketing. Since search is the number one driver of online traffic to sites, those companies that are able to effectively generate content pulled organically to the top of a search engine inquiry are able to capture the interest of around 33% of search users.

Capitalize on Local Search

Most Americans research the products or services they need online, making the search engine a key component of sales. Local businesses that utilize local searches are able to attract customers in their area; it is said that up to 90% of a company’s business comes from customers living within a five-mile radius of that business. Over half of all mobile searches today are in the hopes of finding local results with 61% of those searches resulting in a purchase — 56% of local searches are from users seeking local information such as business hours, directions to the business, and a physical address. Investing in SEO makes it easier for search engine users to find your business, thereby helping to distinguish you from your competitors.

Why SEO Services?

While their are many ways to spend digital marketing
dollars, only SEO marketing places the power of a search engine behind your company. The inbound leads generated by SEO services have a 14.6% close rate; compare this to the 1.7% close rate of outbound leads such as print advertising or mail listings. Not only does SEO target engaged and interested customers who are actively looking for your kind of business, the inbound leads used by SEO services are up to 61% less expensive. Make the most out of your marketing dollars by expanding your digital real estate with proven, effective SEO services.

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