How Industrial CT Scanning Can Reduce Production Costs

Industrial ct scanning

Industrial ct scanning

Since the beginning of the industrial age, people have been surrounded by manufactured products and machines. Many of these items were meant to make the average everyday tasks quicker and more manageable. The auto industry in particular has capitalized on this approach through the need for the fast transportation required in most people’s hectic lives.

The number of cars sold in the United States saw a substantial jump from 7.78 million units in 2013, to about 7.91 million in 2014. With such high rates of output, auto manufacturers have had to improve levels of productivity while simultaneously ensuring consistent and reliable quality. In order to do so, many of these original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have turned to computed tomography (CT) to inspect their products.

Industrial CT scanning involves the use of industrial x-ray inspection technology on manufactured parts to produce a three-dimensional representation of the interior and exterior of the equipment. This allows OEMs to utilize flaw detection, failure, assembly analysis, and reverse engineering to improve quality and reduce defects in their products.

Not only does this process allow for better quality equipment, but it can save the manufacturers on regular operating costs. With Industrial CT scanning, OEMs reduce the need for physical product inspection and failure analysis, saving between 25 and 75% of operation costs, as compared to previously existing technologies.

With the United States motor vehicle and parts manufacturing industry generating a total gross output of approximately $50.3 billion just in 2012, it should come as no surprise that any way OEMs can find a method to increase revenue even more, that they will jump on the opportunity. production costs are their biggest expenditure and one that reduced through new technologies.

Consumers are continuing to demand more modestly priced and better quality products due to the presence of online reviews and testimonials, causing the need for industrial CT scanning to skyrocket. Ensuring products are reliable and safe can have a large impact on the success of a company.

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