What Is a Server and How Does a Server Work?

A server is a big computer with a lot of processing power and storage. According to the narrator in the video, a server provides services to computers called client computers. However, a server isn’t similar to client computers (PCs and smartphones) because it doesn’t have a monitor and keyboard.

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Also, unlike PCs which store personal files, a server stores all the data linked to the websites it hosts. How do these big computers work?

According to the narrator in the video, client computers can connect to a server via the web or a LAN (local area network). When a person needs information from the server, a request is sent from their computer to the server via a connected network. Upon receiving the request, the server provides the requested information.

However, the provision of the requested information goes through a process because the server needs to identify the request sender and ensure they have the authorization to access the documents they’ve requested. The server relays the requested info in a specific manner which the request sender can view using an application such as a browser.


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