Three Reasons the Healthcare Industry is Switching to Cloud

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Many industries have, with varying speeds, been adapting cloud technology in order to further drive innovation, increase their flexibility, and cut down on overhead costs. One industry that’s been using cloud hosting more and more is the healthcare industry. Although operations have, over time, switched over to cloud, this year saw a surge of interest in this particular industry. Why? There were a few reasons behind this.

1. Medical Imaging

There has been an explosive growth in medical imaging data over the last decade, creating what some have called a “tsunami of data” — and thus a much higher demand for data storage. Cloud solutions can help cut down on the massive amounts of storage space needed, while also helping to ensure better care — files are not lost as patients transition from a doctor to a specialist and back, etc.

2. Healthcare Itself is Changing

The healthcare system has seen substantial changes in its own right, with many services becoming more data-driven and patient-centered. Hospitals and other healthcare centers are increasingly interested in ways they can better collect data and feedback from patients without having to substantially re-invest in personnel. Cloud often serves as a valuable option because of this trend since it can serve as a stand-in for delivering consumer-oriented solutions.

3. Many Solutions to Security Concerns

Security is always a concern when it comes to cloud hosting services, and many companies and organizations considering switching more operations over to cloud list it as a top concern. However, there are many cloud solution providers that are prioritizing security, using encryption, tokenization of data at rest, and more in order to ensure that data stays secure no matter where it’s going. While some might still have reservations about security, most organizations acknowledge that the changes can help promote a safe and secure data environment.

Cloud computing is becoming more and more relevant to the healthcare community. How do you see this impacting the future of healthcare? Let us know in the comments. Refernce materials:

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