3 Essential Types of Internet Marketing

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Any Internet marketing agency worth its salt should be able to connect you with a pay per click specialist. But if you’re interested in turning traffic into leads, here are three other skills you should require of an Internet marketing agency before you agree to work with it:

1. Branding
Branding development services can help you with everything from strategic naming and a good logo design, if you’re just starting out, to online reputation management. When your customers interact with you, they aren’t just looking at your products or services, but rather trusting you as an expert who can anticipate and meet their needs. Creating a strong, consistent brand is an important part of building the reputation of your business.

2. Content Marketing
Content marketing is a broad field, but might include writing or helping you to write blogs, articles, press releases, how-tos and related news stories. Having this content on your website or linking to it improves your company’s search engine rankings while also providing valuable information for your potential customers and converting traffic into leads. Strategies like PPC are important for driving traffic, but inbound marketing has a much higher close rate than paid ads. A growing number of businesses are recognizing that blogging is a powerful strategy for organic search engine optimization: 85% of companies say their blog is an important part of their business success. These strategies also cost less: the cost per lead is 62% lower for inbound, as opposed to outbound, marketing.

3. Social Media Marketing Management
About 85 million people use Facebook each month, and businesses can use that to their advantage. The number of marketers who report that Facebook is a “critical” or “important” part of their overall marketing strategy has gone up 83% in the past two years. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are simple to use from a personal perspective. But to maximize the potential of your business accounts, you need to work with someone who tracks the trends on each social media platform and uses that information to build your audience and turn them into customers. Over half the direct tweets sent to companies are ignored, and that’s a group of users you’re sacrificing without comprehensive social media integration in your marketing plan.

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