The Importance of Custom Cabinet Configurations In Data Centers

In one study on cloud storage, it was discovered that 82% of companies who made the switch to a cloud-based storage option saved money in doing so. It would be unsurprising if more companies followed suit. As cloud storage continues to grow, data centers will need to also grow and adapt to changing demands.

What Data Center Features Have an Effect? Electronics Racks, Aisle Containment, or Something Else?

As any information technology expert knows, a system can be waylaid by any mis-firing component. The same applies to the data center itself. These components include of course the location and infrastructure of the center, but also to a lesser extent the types of electronics racks chosen, the application of hot aisle containment options versus cold aisle containment.

How Do the Types of Electronics Racks Effect Storage?

When choosing electronics racks, it is important to remember that the server racks one chooses must accommodate both the current and possible future electronic components. Racks are first categorized according to weight loads, then according to sliding or fixed features. Choosing the correct racks for a data center can make technicians’ jobs easier, by granting more or less access once mounted.

The Argument For Hot and Cold Aisle Containment Practices.

There are many reasons why IT equipment might fail. However, it has been found that 62% of equipment failures can be attributed to inadequate cooling in the server room. Some equipment runs hot, and many components need to be kept cool. Separating equipment according to temperature requirements has been found to optimize procedures when done correctly.

How Does Hot and Cold Containment Perform Correctly?

Another benefit of cold aisle containment is improved utility bills. This is accomplished through avoiding the mixing of hot and cold air. Of course, this also removes the likelihood of hot spots. Creating a custom cold or hot aisle containment needs to take into account the layout of the room.

With cloud storage becoming the norm instead of the exception, it is more important than ever for data centers to optimize their processes. Good containment systems are meant to make everything run more smoothly and efficiently. To reach this goal, it is imperative that the layout of the room is taken into account, as well as the correct racks chosen to house the equipment.

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