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Government estimating software for contractors

Federal contracting opportunities do not come easy. Any seasoned contractor will tell you that the government bidding process is long, complicated, and really, just brutal. There are so many factors to consider when bidding on a government contract. Half the battle for contractors it seems is to secure the contract and not the actual work itself. Considering that a contractor has on average a 12% chance of winning a government contract, nabbing the right contract at the right time is paramount to the success of any given contracting company. With more than 2,000 government agencies, most of which send out Request For Proposals (RFP), contractors may seem like they have a lot to work with. The reality, however, is far more complicated than that.

The 200,000 cost analysts in the U.S. certainly have their hands full when evaluating RFP responses. Which response is going to get the most attention? The answer: those with proposal management software. Proposal management software (also known as proposal creation software, proposal pricing software, or simply proposal software) is an invaluable tool many contractors use to create the perfect response to federal contracting opportunities and the like. With proposal management software, a contracting company can organize the necessary documentation needed for a response. Invoices, business letters, quotas, rates, inventory lists, employee and company information, project outlines, etc. There is quite a lot that goes into these responses. Naturally, contractors want to be prepared, and as such they use new and improved computer technology to give them what they need when they need it.

Contractors have a lot on their hands all the time. The amount of work they have to do on behalf of a client is staggering. With proposal management software, however, it is more than achievable. Feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom for more information.

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