Computer Repair Services Needed Now More Than Ever

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Though terrorism and climate change are grabbing national headlines, there is another lurking problem in the United States that could spell out big trouble in the long term. At least according to the FBI. In 2012, then Director Robert Mueller warned the public that the “cyber threat will be the number one threat to the country,” becoming more dangerous than terrorism. If the FBI thinks we should pay more attention to cyber security, perhaps we should listen.

In fact, Mueller’s words aren’t the only reason to be concerned. The federal government since 2009 has seen an unprecedented 680% increase of online security breaches. Around the world, cyber crime is said to cost $100 billion in damages and theft every year. Moreover, in the private sector, cyber security isn’t in great shape either. A recent survey of cyber security experts reveals that half of the respondents believe their firms will be hacked within 12 months. Two out of three respondents claimed their firm would not be ready for such attacks. Even mobile phones are vulnerable. In 2013, nearly 145,000 viruses and bugs for mobile devices were discovered, more than three times the amount of bugs found in 2012. Needless to say, businesses (or anyone with a computer or smartphone, really) should be worried about cyber crime and its discontents.

For these reasons, businesses should consider hiring computer services experts to protect their digital information and networks. IT management and IT support are pillars in my businesses nowadays but companies should put emphasis on IT security, too. If anything goes wrong with the network, network repair experts are there to fix the problem and to recover potentially damaged data. If the computers themselves become damaged or infected, then computer repair experts can find out what is wrong before it’s too late.

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