Setting Up A Home Entertainment System? Here Are Some Money Saving Tips

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It’s hard going to a friend’s house and seeing their incredible entertainment center. How desperately you want that flatscreen and speaker set-up! Well, the good news is that setting up the living room or basement of your dreams isn’t out of reach. While bulk zipcord fiber optic cables and Ethernet can seem complicated to start with, modern technology has made do-it-yourself projects easier than ever. A lot of technology is designed to be compatible and easily transferred to a wide variety of devices, so no more sweating nervously when considering how you’ll add your favorite videogame system or monitors! Below is the top five things you should know when putting together your entertainment system, from choosing the right bulk zipcord fiber optic cables to marrying all your devices together in perfect harmony.

Fizzling Out? Throw It Out!

Let’s start off with basic wisdom — if you have any frayed or worn out devices, it’s time to take a trip to the recycling bin. Damaged and frayed phone chargers are a common staple of many a household, despite the fact they are a massive fire hazard! The year 2008 saw a whopping 54,000 home fires started by electrical surges and sparks, injuring and killing thousands of people. This is an easily avoidable problem and a little extra money out of pocket will go a long way in keeping you and your belongings safe.

Keep Them Clean!

Did you know that the average phone has more germs than a pet’s food bowl or toilet seat? Don’t be so surprised! Considering how often you handle your device every day, in-between eating food or driving your car, it’s no big stretch to imagine all the germs that burrow in the nooks and crannies. Antiseptic alcohol wipes should be used for your phone, keyboard, iPod and remote controls at least once every few weeks to avoid passing germs to you, your kids and your friends over for a movie night.

Save Your Money!

There’s no need to spend excess cash, not when you’ve already got rent and food and student loans to pay off. Smartphones have a lifespan of two or three years, but you can waste unnecessary time trying to charge them. The iPhone 6 takes nearly two hours to fully charge using a standard 5 watt USB power adapter (the one generally shipped with the device), while a 12 watt iPad charger can do that in half the time. When it comes to buying cables, there’s no shame in seeking out lower prices — it’s a common myth that good HDMI cables should cost $50 or more, when you can find plenty of good ones for cheaper.

More Cables? No Problem!

Now to the fun part — the bulk zipcord fiber optic cables and USB cables that’ll link all your devices together. The Cat5e, for starters, is used for multi-line phone systems and networks. While the Cat6a does the same thing, it has a higher MHz at 500 and is better suited for people who use the internet with more frequency. ‘Mega’ is a prefix denoting one million, used to describe the megabits per second throughout the bandwidth of any given system. When setting up your system, keep in mind what you tend to use it for: do you like to watch movies or play games? Do you stream at home or are you a professional video editor?

Set Up Your System!

A little knowledge goes a long way and there’s nothing quite like browsing the marketplace with a few tricks up your sleeve. Try to seek out network Ethernet cables or fiber optic cables that are of a good length — while this doesn’t affect the quality, they’re useful for providing you with flexibility when setting up your system. Remember to keep your cables out of the reach of children or pets, as you don’t want anybody getting shocked or your thousands of dollars of equipment going up in flames! Last, but not least, choosing some durable plugs will help immensely — RJ45 plugs have a lifespan of nearly 2,000 unplugs before needing to be replaced. Now choose your bulk zipcord fiber optic cables and shop with confidence!

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