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If you have spent any time at all online, you know how important it is for a web site to be found with a search engine. More than 93% of all internet excursions start with a search engine. The last majority of those (between 65 and 70%) start with Google. People rarely ever look past that first search results page. Moreover, most people ignore the paid ads and only look at the results that seem to be organic. This is a trend that does not appear to be changing. It is therefore really important to pay attention to search engine optimization service suggestions.

Expert Search Engine Optimization Service Tips:

  • New content is still king. Nearly million pages of new content are added to the internet every single day. That makes producing web content feel a little like writing in the sand on a beach. Your content may show up at the top of a search one day but lose that spot within just a few hours. This means you need to update your site with ew content all of the time. Do not let this scare you. You do not have to reinvent the wheel with every new piece of content. You can take older pieces and rework them. Just because it is not “new” to you, does not mean it is “old” to someone who is seeing your site for the first time.
  • Be careful with your keywords. Pick keywords that are appropriate for the good and/ or services you provide. Think of what kinds of things you do and how your clients and customers find your currently. If you sell cooking products in Albany, New York, your keywords and phrases should reflect that and should not just be words and phrases that you know are trending. Unless Kim Kardashian visited your store, do not include mention her if your business does not have anything to do with her. Any good search engine optimization service will tell you the same thing.
  • Use your keywords all over. Once you have settled on your keywords and phrases, use them! Put them in your content, page and piece titles and in the URLs. Many content management systems use default settings that name new pieces, posts and pages with nonsense characters and words. What you should do it name them with the keywords you are using and that are germane to your new content. Search engine optimization companies recommend using these keywords throughout your site. Just make it all make some sense.
  • Name your images. Images add a lot to a web site but by themselves are not easily indexed by search engines. A good search engine optimization strategy is to name your images with the keywords and put captions with the keywords as well Search engine optimization services will tell you that this makes it easier for Google and Yahoo find your site.
  • Make your site easy to load. You can have the best search engine optimization services and social media strategy on the planet and none of it will matter if your site takes too long to load. You also need it to look good on mobile devices as that is how more and more people are interacting with and consuming web content. All of your great search engine optimization strategies will be useless if your site does not work well. People have very short attention spans and are all too likely to give up quickly if they cannot get your site to open.
  • Simplicity is key. In addition to being easy to load, your site should be simple. Busy patterns and too many colors make sites hard to read and digest. You want visitors to easily find what they need on your site. If the have to wade through a lot of images loading, you will lose them.

From time to time, people like to say that search engine optimization services are no longer needed. They may say that our reliance on mobile devices makes search engines obsolete. Do not believe it. People still rely on search engines to get what they need online. The top two things people do online are email and use search engines.

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