Own A Cosmetic Business? Don’t Break The Bank And Invest In Used Cosmetic Lasers

When you own a business it’s important to make financial decisions that not only benefit your bottom line, but that are capable of meeting the needs of your clientele. This is particularly true if you own a cosmetic business where your clients expect only the best out of their result; however, when it comes to cosmetic lasers, they can be expensive when bought brand new. This can be a huge hit against your bottom line, especially if you need multiple lasers. Because of this, buying used cosmetic lasers may be the best financial decision for your business.

The Benefits Of Buying Used Cosmetic Lasers

Aesthetic lasers, when bought used, can have a couple notable benefits when it comes to your business.

  • Savings. Aesthetic equipment can be expensive to invest in, and this is largely due to the fact that manufacturers tend up boost prices to combat the cost of research and development. While this is good for their business, it can take a toll on yours. When you buy new, the equipment will automatically lose nearly half of its value as soon as you purchase it, and you would have to continue to use the same equipment for years just to offset the initial cost. This is why used cosmetic lasers are the smartest choice for those in the cosmetics business. Many used lasers can be purchased for a faction of what they were when they were new, and because of this you can easily make up the cost of the investment and begin turning a greater profit overall.
  • Maintenance. Used cosmetic lasers can also help you save money in the long run with lower maintenance costs. This is because repairs and maintenance from manufacturers can be overly expensive, whereas used lasers can be easily maintained by independent services. Older equipment also tends to be less complex and easier to repair and maintain; coupled with the fact that replacement parts tend to be common, this all helps to keep costs of maintenance to the minimum.
  • Technology. Cosmetic laser technology is constantly innovating and progressing, but not as quickly as many may think. While we like to think that the newest models are light years ahead of their predecessors, this is seldom the case. Developing new technology takes years, and getting it FDA approved can take even longer, this means that new models usually aren’t that different than the models that came before. There may be software, design, and laser speed updates, but overall the differences in performance can be minimal. Because of this, cosmetic business owners won’t have to worry about sacrificing effectiveness, and can continue to give customers fantastic results, without breaking the bottom line.
  • Reliability. It’s easy to think that buying direct from manufacturers is the best way to ensure it works correctly; however, this is false. Used cosmetic lasers often come with guarantees of their own, especially if they come from reputable service companies. All equipment it typically refurbished to work as new before you make a final purchase. Additionally, when buying pre-owned equipment you have the chance to look over an abundance of reviews from past users. This can help give you an idea of how well it works, how long it will last, and any commonly cited issues. Knowing all this can help you make a more informed decision.
  • Versatility. Buying used cosmetic lasers gives you the opportunity to select the best laser for you and your clients. By giving you a variety to choose from, and at affordable prices, you can feel free to buy more than one and increase the amount of services you can provide. By doing this you can help increase business, and your profits, much faster than if you only had one brand new cosmetic laser.

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