How To Set Custom Textures On Your Minecraft Server

When first starting out in minecraft, everything can seem fairly straightforward. You mine things, then you build things, then you try not to die. A simple formula, but after a while, the game can get stale. This is why the server hosting company made Minecraft so flexible in terms of how to play though. What started to happen was players began developing texture packs that allowed you to change the look of the game.

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This became better known as server resources.

Now, why would anyone want to change the game of Minecraft? Especially if you enjoy it? See, it isn’t really changing the game, as much as it’s more adding to it. Alone, the visuals for the game are outdated at best, but as new visual packs come out every year, your server resources are expanded, allowing you to update the game without changing the core mechanics and functions of how the game works.

So as you play your vanilla Minecraft, why not add some flavor to it with some server resources and texture packs? It will make a world of difference.

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