Are you a business owner finding yourself in a sticky situation? Are the cables on your garage door stuck or just have ripped off? Well in this video, this man runs into the same issue and has to find a way to fix it! When it comes to your commercial garage door repair, make sure you know how to handle it!

First, you have to inspect the garage door and figure out what the issue is. Take a look around and see exactly what’s wrong. Maybe it’s just the commercial garage door openers.

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Upon closer inspection though, if it’s more than that, you’ll have to get your hands dirty. Before you start your work though, you have to make sure you’re safe. Wear a hard hat because, with these tough industrial doors, the panels can pop out and hit you in the face or the head. A lot of the time, the main issue is with the springs. Once those springs get stuck in place, the door won’t want to roll down by itself, so you’ll find yourself in a balancing act as you try to even out the door and make sure it comes down at the same time.

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