How Managed IT Services Can Help Prevent Data Theft

Computers are part of the daily routine for mostly everyone in civil society. And even if you don’t have a computer, but you have a mobile device, then you are still using a computer that you are most likely to use daily. Whether we are paying bills online, streaming videos, looking through social media sites, or listening to music online, computers are part of our lives.

And even though we go through our days online, we know that there are hackers and other types of cybercriminals out there. However, we are safe right, if we have one of the most proven anti-virus software and perhaps VPN on the market? The answer to this may be no to a certain degree, and that’s where a high-quality managed IT solution comes into play.

Managed IT services are providers in which an organization offloads and/or outsources its IT services.

How are managed services useful, you may ask? The best IT providers go the extra mile for their clients. They will do regular maintenance of networks and systems. This regular maintenance will keep your services, networks, and PCs running proficiently, maximize uploading and downloading speeds, minimize downtime, and more. This is especially true when working with a full service IT company. You can rest more easily working with an IT service partner like this.

Cyber security has emerged as one of the gravest risks faced by businesses big and small. A single cyber security attack can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in damage. By using a managed IT service, you may be able to increase security.

Managed IT is typically offered by a full service IT company. This provider will set up your basic infrastructure, including networks, operating systems, hardware, and more. Proper setup, including antivirus software, email, and communication tools (such as messaging platforms) can reduce gaps in your IT security.

While setting everything up is an important first step, your IT service partner will also ensure that everything is running smoothly afterward. This includes making sure that updates are installed in a timely fashion. Updates often sort out bugs and also patch security holes.

Wondering how are managed services useful outside of security?

Your IT support managed service provider can also fix systems should they crash. If you’ve suffered a power outage and your system is struggling to come online, your IT service provider can provide support. Likewise, you can rely on your provider to provide advice for upgrades, expanded IT tools, and more.

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As we become more and more reliant on computers for every aspect of our lives, online security becomes essential. Managed IT services that can prevent data breaches and identity theft are a necessity for businesses which lack the tech skills to handle all aspects of computer security. For those looking for computer services Indiana, users may be surprised to learn that an experienced and trusted company that offers diverse services like architectural construction services and agricultural construction also provides a full range of IT services.

Computer safety: malware
Malware, better known as a virus, is a deliberate attempt to attack your computer. Malware can have many different purposes – to destroy your computer’s software, to steal your information or to spy on your actions by following every keystroke. The number of viruses is staggering, and every day 200,000 and 300,000 new types of viruses are discovered.
Most people think that installing anti-virus software will take care of the problem. However, with the large number of new viruses, it’s almost impossible for any software to keep up with them all. Statistics from Brian Krebs show that only about 25% of email-borne viruses can be detected by antivirus software.

How malware can hurt you
Viruses, once they gain a foothold in your computer, can carry out a number of harmful actions. They can destroy or even delete software and information on your computer. They can steal your private information and use it to access your bank accounts and financial information. They can secretly install spy software on your computer that most often works by tracking the keystrokes.
Managed IT services Indiana offer data protection and data recovery services. They can also offer better virus protection than off-the-shelf software. Experience matters and you may find that a group of companies with operations in diverse fields like architectural construction services, agricultural construction and IT has the best solutions for your business.

Identity theft is the fastest-growing crime
One of the worst consequences of having malware installed on your computer secretly is identity theft. Most of us now use online banking, pay bills online and shop online. These simple actions can put you at risk of identity theft. In fact identity theft is now the fastest-growing type of crime in the nation. It causes annual losses of $50 billion and is still expanding.
Each year about 15 million people in the U.S. become victims of identity theft. Data breaches threaten businesses as well as individuals. A recent survey of 300 companies found that their top executives rated the security of company records as one of the top five critical issues facing their businesses. Public institutions like hospitals and even government records are also susceptible to data theft. U.S. hospitals lost $6 billion a year due to data theft.

Data protection is an essential component of managed IT services. Large businesses that operate across several fields like architectural construction services, agricultural construction and IT can help provide the level of computer security needed to prevent data breaches.

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