3 Features Your Mobile Website Must Have

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As more and more internet users are moving from desktop to mobile devices, so too should your business. If you are not approaching web design with a mobile-first mentality, you?re doing it wrong.

As consumers are browsing the internet away from the confines of their homes and offices, what is the best way a mobile website developer can ensure a high-quality on-the-go experience? The answer is to focus on mobile navigation, specifically what you choose to include in the menu to help users find what they?re looking for.

So, what should a mobile website designer include? Remember, on a mobile device you have limited space, so your mobile website development needs to be on point. Everything you include must be relevant, have purpose, and call for action.

The search bar

Including a search feature allows your user to find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently. There isn?t a lot of space on your mobile home page to include every aspect of your site so that familiar looking glass icon that signifies the search feature will act as a gateway to every part of your site. The best web design tactic is to place the search icon at the top of the screen so it is easy to spot.

Important categories

On your mobile site, forget about the ?About Us? and ?Contact Us? links that usually take up space in the navigation menu on a desktop website. While they are important features, they?re probably not what your mobile consumer is looking for. The mobile user hasn?t just casually come across your website. They are on their phone or iPad for a specific reason, and if that reason is to find out more information about your product or service, lead them there immediately.

The share icon

Sharing information on social media is a habit most mobile users take part in. As it turns out, sharing content on a mobile device is more popular that doing so on a desktop. You want your customers to be sharing your website, which is why it is so important to include this feature in a visible location. Any SEO consulting professional will tell you that the more online visibility you get, the more business you will receive.

Mobile use is only growing and the platforms through which people get their online information is constantly changing. You need to change your business practices to keep up with today?s tech boom.
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