How Do You Effectively Bypass A Lift Station?

Wastewater lift stations, also known as pump stations, are used to pump wastewater from a lower to a higher elevation. Wastewater pump stations are often used when other solutions aren’t practical to overcome inadequate hydraulics.

In some cases, it may be more economical to lift the wastewater over a ridge so it can flow using gravity to a sewage treatment system. These lift stations are commonly made to be their own package system and come with wastewater treatment receiving wells, lift pumps, piping with valves, a junction box, and an equipment control panel.

Lift stations can be expected to last between 15 to 20 years. However, sometimes a life station needs to be repaired or replaced. That’s where bypass pumping comes in.

Using bypass pumping for your lift station

Bypass pumping can be used to temporarily take the place of a sewage treatment system when the system is being replaced or repaired.

Typically, bypass pump rentals are needed when storm waters flood the sewers. This is especially common during hurricane season, which lasts between late spring and early fall. However, bypass pumps are also used for applications involving leaking or clogged pipes.

Bypass pump rentals ensure that wastewater and sewage from the sewer systems don’t contaminate fresh water sources when they’re flooded. They also play an important part in preventing construction projects from being interrupted.

Where can I find a bypass for my lift station?

Bypass pumps are a great way to quickly and effectively replace your lift station when you need it most. Without wastewater lift stations or the bypass pumps to temporarily replace them when they’re being repaired, fresh water can become infected with bacteria and other materials.

This is dangerous because when fresh water is contaminated, it causes residents in the city and around the flooded area to become sick. Bypass pumping is an important process to prevent contamination. But where do you find bypass pumps?

We can bypass wastewater lift stations and other applications to ensure your area’s fresh water remains fresh and uncontaminated.

Looking for industrial water pumps?

According to statistics from the United States Army Corps of Engineers, 100 million to hundreds of millions of Americans could experience flooding within a single generation. Industrial water pumps such as bypass pumps can help to mitigate flooding in both cities and rural areas.

We offer a wide array of industrial water pumps so you have the water pump services you need when disaster strikes. To learn more about our sewage pump rentals and other industrial water pumps, contact us today.


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