Employee Turnover Has Hit An All-Time High Human Resources Executive Search Agencies For Businesses

Hiring is like playing with a deck stacked against you. Employee turnover, a tempestuous job market, and the rise of remote work are all factors that need to be considered.

When you reach out to human resources executive search agencies, you give yourself the tools needed to rise above the mess. The function of a career placement agency isn’t to cherry-pick the ‘best candidates’, but give you the tools needed to make informed decisions. That means learning about diversity and how it benefits business. It means circumventing common mistakes made in the hiring process to make everyone’s job easier. Still not convinced?

Before sending out another slew of job postings that go nowhere, read below to learn about what executive HR recruiters can do to help you create a successful 2020.

Both businesses and job-seekers have a lot stacked against them. Job postings these days are either too vague or too hyper-specific, creating a mixed message that only sets up bad things to come. When you add on the fact employee turnover is one of the biggest barriers to success? It’s a wonder anyone gets anywhere. Instead of fumbling in the dark, let human resources executive search agencies show you the light.

Today’s generation of workers have entirely different standards from the last. According to a 2016 Gallup poll, Millennials have been dubbed the ‘Job Hopping Generation’ — it’s estimated six out of 10 are open to a new job at any given time. This is bad news for any business that wants to beat the employee turnover bug. A June 2015 worker study found nearly three million workers voluntarily leaving their jobs, a 25% increase compared to just two years ago. What can HR consultants do to give you a leg up?

Let’s keep looking at the barriers in your way. A recent survey by Robert Half showed one-third of the 1,400 executives surveyed blaming a poor skills match for failed hires. The second most common reason was attributed to unclear performance objectives. Can you see where this could crossover with your most recent job postings? Not only are workers today growing frustrated with companies that don’t meed their needs, many of these red flags could’ve been easily avoided in the first place.

Executive HR search firms are designed to cut through the useless noise and buzzwords to deliver feasible results. This means hiring smart, hiring diverse, and hiring less often. According to McKinsey’s research, gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform their less diverse peers. Ethnically-diverse companies are in an even better spot, boasting an average 35% improvement rate across all factors. This should guide your hand when posting jobs and sending out interviews.

You need to improve your job postings so they’re clear, informative, and accurate to the position in question. You also need to start considering diversity and reaching outside of your usual narrow pool of potential applicants. Human resources executive search agencies are staffed with experienced individuals who know their way around the employee-business process. Not only will they help you in the beginning stages, they’ll equip you with tools to help create a more welcoming environment for employees. According to a Gallup poll, just two out of 10 workers feel their manager encourages them to do their best job.

All is not lost! The HR startup checklist can be yours when you reach out to human resource staffing and ask for help.

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