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5 Office Technology Upgrades That Are Necessary In A Post-Pandemic World

The office can be a space wherein great things happen. After all, there is a reason why businesses have separate office spaces, rather than having every employee that works at a computer work from home. One of the main advantages of having an office is that it allows people to make a clear delineation between …

7 Ways Air Conditioning Can Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic

Modern air conditioning was invented nearly 120 years ago by Willis Carrier. Air conditioning systems use a refrigerant to pull heat out of the air and dump that heat into the environment. In addition to cooling the air, the air is dehumidified. In fact, the original purpose of Carrier’s air conditioner was to remove moisture …

What Is Telemedicine and How It Can Help You as a Patient: Your Guide to the Modern Way to Get Your Medicine

Doctors stopped making housecalls years ago. But why is this idea so dated when it was convenient for sick individuals? Luckily, now there is an alternative that may be even easier. When medicine meets the convenience of technology, what do you end up with? Telemedicine, of course! Telemedicine is not a new field, but it …


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