What Goes On Behind the Scenes of an Alkaline Battery Recycling Company

Many of us know that batteries can be recycled, but not many are aware of how the process actually works! With how many things require batteries to function, a significant number of batteries are thrown away or recycled each year. This video explores what it’s like inside an alkaline battery recycling company.

The company recycles all types of batteries — from your everyday AAA batteries to car batteries! This company uses a unique process of recycling that is one of the greenest methods used across the world.

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Every single part of the battery gets recycled, none of it gets thrown into a landfill.

There are only a couple of battery recycling companies in the country! Lithium-ion batteries are the most common type of battery that these companies see come through their doors nowadays. Oftentimes, batteries are either shredded or pounded with a hammer. They are then soaked in a specific type of water, neutralizing electrolytes and making the metal more usable.

Multiple fun facts are shared throughout the video to educate viewers on how many batteries are actually used in the United States. Each year, Americans purchase over 3 billion dry-cell batteries!

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