How Are Micro Drill Bits Made?

If you’re familiar with the machining process at all, then you know micro drills are an important part of it. These drills are used to help create countless machine parts and are necessary for numerous industries. But how are these micro drill bits created? Let’s take a quick look.

Micro drill bits, like all other drill bits, start out as pieces of unshaped metal. The metal used to make these drill bits is rolled out into thin cylindrical pieces which are then all cut to size.

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Once they’ve been treated, it’s time to start shaping them. This process is done by machine since that’s the best and most efficient way to shape these tiny pieces of metal. Machine shaping allows for the creation of incredibly precise drill bits.

The machines are able to work efficiently due to the lubricating fluid that’s used to help them along. This fluid ensures that there are no fire hazards or jams while the machinery is working to shape the drill bits.


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