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Nearly 150 teams competed in an Omaha, Nebraska, area robotics competition in the Spring of 2016. Several of the team coaches and organization leaders indicated that getting middle school and high school students interested in robotics at a young age is key to filling anticipated future careers. In fact, careers as diverse as solutions architects to fill supply chain jobs require the interest of science, math and technology. across three tournaments. The technology companies sponsoring this particular robotics contest was encouraged by the big surge in high school teams that qualified for the Heartland Regional Robotics Championship. Organizers say this increase is an indicator of the strength of the educational training in the area.

The VRC Heartland Regional Robotics Championship planned to go one and host 44 of the best High School VEX Robotics teams, as well as 32 of the best Middle School VEX Robotics teams from both Iowa and Nebraska. Science and math students across the country apply themselves to robotic challenges in hopes of earning both recognition and scholarships. Logistics recruiters from every part of the U.S. indicate that it is possible that programs like these competitions will help fill the need for the expected openings in everything from fill supply chain jobs and thermoplastics jobs.
Preparing High School and College Students for Future Technology Jobs Can be Challenging
As the nation’s industries continue to grow and rely more heavily on technology, it should come as no surprise that many companies struggle to find the best candidates for jobs that did not even exist 20 years ago. A look at the pharmaceutical industry, for example, gives a picture of how much one field can change.
Not only are pharmaceutical companies continuing to develop life saving and live enhancing drugs, they are also developing new ways to package these materials so that the medications can be taken more accurately and safely by patients. By the year 2014, there were 290,780 pharmacists working in America. And while that may seem like a large number, industry reports indicate that in addition to these pharmacists, there was also 368,760 pharmacy technicians working in the U.S.
Research and development go hand in hand. The companies who provide the most benefit to consumers are often the companies who understand the value of recruiting young and talented employees. Currently, the world drug packaging industry generates $66 billion a year. Behind every one of those packages are researchers and developers who discover the medications and find ways to successfully and safely package it. Fill supply chain jobs help develop ways for the ideas to become products and for the products to become available to consumers.

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